Tips for using Colored Pencils

1. Use various shades of colored pencils on a picture.  You can overlap colored pencils when coloring.
2. After coloring your picture with a colored pencils, take a q-tip and add a little baby oil and gently go over your colored pencil art. This gives a further blended look.
3. Keep colored pencils sharpened.
4. Use lighter colored pencils on the inside of a drawing and use the darker colored pencil (in that color family) on the outside.
5. Color in the same direction when using colored pencils.
6. Don't be afraid of using a white colored pencil to overlap your artwork.

7. You can use a white colored pencil to color over mistakes that you may make on your artwork as well.

Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. -James 4:8

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