My Natural Hair Journey 03

When I big chopped back in 2009, I decided (after the shock of seeing my hair cut way shorter than I wanted) the minute I got home from the beauty shop that I would own my new do.

And own it I did.

I held my head very high and acted like I was totally loving my new look.

And I kid you not, I really started to feel like "I'm fabulous!"

I never mentioned anything about regret. Never.

I embraced my new look.

As I said in my first Natural Hair Journey post, I researched natural hair and put into practice those things that I learned.  I also purchased various products to see how they would work on my hair.

I can tell you that I really enjoyed my natural hair journey during those early years.  It was exciting.

So after being natural for about two or three years, my second daughter decided to grow out her perm by doing twist outs.

She eventually cut all the permed ends off and now she was completely natural.

When she returned home from the beautician, I asked her was she okay.

She said "Mommy, I feel like you when you would say that what other people thought about your hair meant nothing because I love my hair.  So, yes Mommy, I am okay."


Yes.  She had been watching me go through all the ridicule from various folks.

Oh you didn't know bout that?  Yeah.  That is a real issue among my people. issues.

I am not sure if people still voice their negative feelings about natural hair these days since natural hair is very common.  But back in 2009, natural hair was not well received among a lot of folks that I know.

..but they got over it.

Anyway, if you are a mom, trust and believe that your girls are watching and taking in your natural hair experience.  I hope yours is a good experience.

After my hair grew out, I started doing the flat twist outs.

Flat twist outs are my most favorite natural hair style.

And yep, those are two of my girls in the photo at the top.

I love all the natural blogs and vloggers out there because you get so many different perspectives and tons of information that make your natural hair journey a positive experience.

One of the first blogs that I came across was Curly Nikki.  I used to read every post as often as I could.  I could identify with so many of the ladies that wrote in.

And soon after discovering Curly Nikki, I found Natural Chica.

In my next Natural Hair Journey post, I will post about meeting both of them at natural hair events. Both are beautiful people inside and out.

Well, thank you all for reading.

Take care.  Keep the faith.

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