Greeting Card Confetti for Valentine Day Cards

When I wrote this post here, my sweet blog friend, Ann commented that the art idea of that post would be great for Valentine's Day.

I figured I might as well spread the love and make some Valentine confetti!

Since I will be seeing my two college daughters in the next few days, I decided that they would be the recipients of the Valentine cheer!

What you will need to make Valentine confetti is:
Watercolor paint or any paint
Gel pen
Watercolor paper or cardstock
Greeting Card
Cheerful Spirit

This was just as exciting as when I made the Christmas confetti (read Christmas confetti post here)!

What you will need to do is:
-Paint red and pink blotches on the paper.

-Let dry.

-After paint has completely dried, draw hearts and flowers with the gel pen.

-Cut around the hearts and flowers.

-Cheefully place the hearts and flowers inside card.

-Mail or give to recipient!

Ann was right!  Greeting card confetti is a great idea for Valentine's Day!

A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance:... -Proverbs 15:13

I also tossed in some construction paper hearts that I made as well as the watercolor ones!  So you could also cut out construction paper hearts as confetti!
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