How to Understand the times we live in

The Bible has been everything that it says to me and more.  We know the verse that says "Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path" right? 

Well, the Bible has been just that a lamp to my feet in this world and a light to the ways  of life as well!!

The Bible has been my guide to health and life!  It has been my encouragement when life was just too tough,  The Bible has strengthened me and it has even shown me stuff that I thought God didn't know about.  And moments like that I know that God is near.  He is a Friend at all times.  He understands and in His own way, He can make sure that you know that.

But most of all the Bible has given me understanding and that is everything.

...I am understanding; I have strength. -Proverbs 8:14

What is the Bible to you?

The Bible has helped me to understand life.  And for that I am grateful.

I took these Bible studies here and I really enjoyed them.  Perhaps you may enjoy them as well.

I also went to a Prophecy Seminar and got clarity on Daniel and Revelation.  Here are Bible lessons on Daniel and Revelation that will help you understand the times we live in.

Here are the original videos made by the author, Gary Gibbs.  The videos are dated but the truth remains. You may enjoy them and find clarity to the books of Daniel and Revelation.

Here are current sermons by Gary Gibbs and you can see what he looks like today as well.

We can see the way things are going in this world and the only good thing I see is that God knows it all and in His love He has shared in His word what to expect and how to make it to heaven. 

If you take the studies, I hope that you enjoy them and gain clarity and understanding.

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...and on that note, I wish everyone the best!
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